In 2015 the Commission, in order to professionalize the horse training sector, established the PHILRACOM Trainers’ Academy. It offers a two-year course for horse trainers. The Academy’s administrators are veterinarians Dr. Ceferino Maala, member of the National Academy of Science and Technology, and Dr. Romy Modomo, equine medicine practitioner.

In 2017, the Academy graduated its first cohort of trainers, which took the batch name ‘First Impact’. Among their members are trainers Dr. Grace Sandoval and Dewey Santos. A second round of training will be opened in April 2019.

The Academy is structured upon the ‘educational cohort model’, defined as “purposefully grouped students entering and pursuing a program of study together, characterized by social and cultural processes, shared experiences and interactions, collective efforts, and mutual commitment to an educational goal” (Horn, 2001; Maher, 2001, 2005; McPhail, 2000; Norris & Barnett, 1994; Yerkes, Basom, Barnett, & Norris, 1995). Specifically, the Academy follows the ‘closed-cohort format’, where students are “admitted as an identified group, and provided with a specific rotation of courses over a defined period of time” (Barnett & Muse, 1993; Maher, 2001, 2005).