PR 69 of the Rules and Regulations on Horse Racing, prior to amendment of the enjoined Resolutions, provides:

All horses that run below their normal standard and usual pattern of racing, or perform a disappointing run, shall carry a minimum suspension of forty eight (48) or a maximum suspension of seventy two (72) racing days. Horses suspended under this rule shall retain their handicap weight and grouping. This rule shall not cover horses running under the Maiden races. This is a non-appealable case.

The Board of Stewards shall take the following into consideration before making a decision:
A. Track and weather conditions at the time the race was run;
B. Performance of the horse in the same track and distance within the past four (4) weeks compared to the present;
C. Time difference of four (4) seconds or more from the previous outings;
D. The difference in handicap weights between the two (2) runs;
E. The class grouping compared to the previous outing;
F. Classification, riding style and testimony of the jockey.